Psychotherapy, couples therapy, family therapy and supervision

J-P Salonen

I am a psychotherapist, couples therapist, family therapist and a supervisor. As a psychotherapist I work mostly with couples but also with families and individuals. I have qualifications for psychotherapy from Valvira and Kela. I have a reception in Järvenpää. It is possible to have the therapy sessions online or by phone.

I have worked in the family guidance for the city of Järvenpää and the family councelling of the Parish of Järvenpää and Nurmijärvi. I have also worked in the domestic violence area in Lyömätön Linja of Espoo and Kerava.

My influences as a therapist come from different therapy orientations such as family therapy, dialogical and collaborative therapy, trauma therapy and solution focuced therapy. You can come to the therapy by yourself, with your partner or with the members of your family. 

As a supervisor I have worked in different areas such as childwelfare, child protection, psychotherapy, family therapy, physiotherapy and education.  I work as a supervisor I work in Southern Finland.